HPE Eth 100Gb 1p 842QSFP28 Adptr

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  • Obsolete Date 31-03-2021
  • End of support date 31-03-2026


  • Data rate 100Gb
  • Form factor Stand up
  • Bus type PCIe 3.0 x16
  • Weight 109.4g
  • Product dimensions (H x W x D) 6.14 in x 4.76 in x 0.846 in (L x W x H)
  • Minimum dimensions ( H x W x D) 15.562 cm x 12.105 cm x 2.159 cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight 0.24 lbs
  • Number of ports 1



Do you have demanding workloads that require low latency? The HPE Ethernet 100Gb 1-port 842QSFP28 Adapter supports 100 Gb bandwidth that allows more network traffic and thus is ideal for telcos, cloud and service providers. This adapter has security features to keep out rogue updates that could slow you down. Plan for the future and get in the express lane with the 100 Gb adapter.


Authenticates updates which provide peace of mind that suspicious activity, including rogue firmware, will be detected before business impact occurs.

The HPE Ethernet 100Gb 1-port 842QSFP28 Adapter strengthens security through chain of trust and root of trust at the firmware level so your firmware is fortified from outside intrusions.

Speed Up Network-intensive Applications
Protect from Rogue Updates

Improves small packet performance latency, with Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), to help telcos and e-commerce companies conduct high-performance computing (HPC).

The HPE Ethernet 100Gb 1-port 842QSFP28 Adapter helps reduce CPU utilization and improve host VM density and server efficiency using remote direct memory access (RDMA) over Converged Ethernet (RoCEv2) for live migration and Microsoft® SMB Direct environments.

Reduce Headaches with Less Complexity for a Smoother Data Ride

The HPE Ethernet 100Gb 1-port 842QSFP28 Adapter drives I/O per server with hardware-based I/O virtualization expediting data to its destination.

Offloads packet processing to reduce CPU utilization, and lower power with tunnel offloads (VXLAN and NVGRE) giving you efficiency and reduced power consumption.

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